About Erondu Nonso

When he started, he was just in his second year in the university.

At age 17, he made a decision to be financially independent. He would set both long and short term goals in order to achieve his vision.

While He was studying at the University of Port Harcourt, He began to take part in various entrepreneurial activities. He attended quite a number of business seminars and traveled for competitions.

He led a team of Entrepreneurs called Enactus and was responsible for the overall success of the team from the University of Port Harcourt, including leading different project groups as well as ensuring that the team is properly structured and is functioning smoothly. He grew the team's membership strength from 32 to 74 and successfully implemented two community based project which are currently running in the two communities.

He periodically organizes trainings and workshop seminars on Entrepreneurship, Internet Technology, Networking, Website and Software development. In attendance, he has lecturers, business persons and students.
This has yielded productivity quantitatively for those in attendance.

He also dedicates time to volunteering in entrepreneurial occasions and community services. Erondu Nonso holds a Bachelor's Degree in Pure and Industrial Chemistry from the University of Port Harcourt (Year 2017).

He is Motivated/Driven/Committed to making Africa a better place through the act of Entrepreneurship. Erondu Nonso plans to build on his mental capacity and create the environment for others in his environment including his social circle to develop themselves.

He has over four years of experience in Website Development and Software Development with over two years experience in Digital Marketing. Currently, He Founded Tekxus Communication Technological Services, a Website Design and Software Development company, where he focuses on promoting the United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 4 and 17 through seminar outreach and reach out campaigns.

Erondu Nonso M@20

Statistics has established the fact that more attention is giving to creating wealth at a latter age in one's life.

There are certain principles I have been able to pull and put into practice which is keen to the environment I grew up.

This book will give you detailed practicals on how you can achieve your set financial goals and hit the millionaire status in a very short time. So if you are below 20years and reading this book at this time, I congratulate you.