Employee or Entrepreneur! Which are you.

When was the last time that you looked-up the term "Entrepreneurship" on Google and were amazed to discover new insight?
Its probably been a while.
First off, one fact that can never be taken away is that all entrepreneurs start out their drive as employees.

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what am trying to say here is this - Employees help nature the world, if only an entrepreneur will employ them. In other words, with no entrepreneurs in the world today there wouldn't be employees.
The Concept of ESBI by Mr Kiyosaki, establishes the active and passive roles which you play in your society.
So if you are reading this is for the reason that you or someone you important know is aiming to establish or develop a business and you want more simplicity. Here is it;
The EMPLOYEE is placed with great opportunities and picks the one that suits their goals. Most times a lot on the job must be well-suited and compatible with their life. The job is difficult enough both personally and professionally.
The ENTREPRENEUR is placed with small and great opportunities and tries to grab them all. Yet after a some months, they may not earn any straight profit. The income may seems unattainable at first. But suddenly, it comes in large quantity.
Todays economy is run absolutely by entrepreneurs. Though they make up less than 10% of the world's population, they employ and manage 90% of the remaining population.
As an employee, you are limited to an agenda and tasks that were initiated by a boss, who in some way or directly is led by an entrepreneur with a vision.
As an entrepreneur you do anything you want, at any time you want, however you want, for as long as you want, anywhere you want, with the people that you want to do it with.
The employee seeks to be paid salary. They trust that they are valued at a specific figure per hour. Most times, they don't tend to do more than what they are paid to do. Many of these employees are compelled to build hard associations and make environments work, even if it feels absolutely inhuman to them.
If they want a pay increase, they have to attest their qualities to superior ups that they have 'earned' it. If they get it, it's frequently less than quite a few thousand figures per year. Most of them don't even worry after the pay increase at all. This is an active side role-play in the society.
As an Employee on the active side role-play in the society, you are either employed or self employed - The Concept of ESBI by Mr Kiyosaki.

They seek to become millionaires within a short amount years, which usually occur based on their aggressiveness.

The entrepreneur values profits. They will not embark on a duty except it is money-making. Most of what they initiate or carry out can be delegated, mechanized, and/or outsourced. They receive profits in several ways and assist others do the same. They look to make a cash flow and sell their business to earn riches. They build wealth.
Most entrepreneurs can by no means fit as employees. If someone communicates to them an action plan, they want to know why. They look to build a more reliable system than the one that they were a part of. They profer solutions.
The entrepreneur seeks for financial freedom as soon as possible. They seek to become millionaires within a short amount years, which usually occur based on their aggressiveness. They look out for opportunities tirelessly. They aim for financial Independence.

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In conclusion, no one is suggesting you to quit your job right away. Its all about changing ones state of mind towards income. Its not about moving from jobs, its about being financially restricted. How to save out of your profits and put that money in an investment that will work for you. Be an employee but be a business owner too. Stay on the look for opportunities to increase your money and maintain a passive income. Set aside every unnecessary spending and invest them accurately.


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